Portable Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer Machine / Inhaler for Kids and Adults

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 This Ultrasonic Mesh Nebulizer Machine is for easy treatment of Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) for infants and adults. 

Nebulizer Machine is especially good for infants’ or small children’s asthma medications. Also very helpful when you have trouble using an asthma inhaler or need to inhale a large dose of a medication.


  • Portable Nebulizer Machine
  • Quiet treatment
  • Two airflow control
  • Compact for carrying in a handbag
  • Suitable for all ages

This latest Ultrasonic Nebuliser is virtually silent. Start the therapy with a push of one button. The vibrating mesh technology pushes liquid medication into a fine mist to target the airway. In addition, it gives the ability to use the device at almost any angle, including while lying in bed. 

Very portable, it can fit in a handbag, and weighs only 79 gram giving you the freedom to take treatments wherever and whenever you go. The device can operate for 4 hours on just two AA batteries allowing multiple treatments before you need to replace the battery. It can also be powered by USB and perfect for travelling.


  • Item Name: Ultrasonic Nebuliser Machine
  • Power: AC 100-240V
  • Operating Voltage: DC12V
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 2.2MHz
  • Size of Atomized Particle: 0.5-5 Micron
  • Capacity Of Cup: 10ml
  • Vessel Capacity: 25ml
  • Atomization volume 0.375ml/min: 20 mins timing automatically
  • Atomization volume 0.5ml/min: 10 mins timing automatically

 Package Includes:

1 x Portable Nebulizer

2 x Mask (1 adult size, 1 children size)

Medical cups

1 x Mouth pieces

1 x USB cable

1 x English Manual

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